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[SOLD] Cotillon - Cotillon (Super Fan 99)

  • [SOLD] Cotillon - Cotillon (Super Fan 99)

[SOLD] Cotillon - Cotillon (Super Fan 99)

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Super Fan 99

So what, exactly, is a "cotillon"? A quick search will give you some answers.
Try dancing that to this!

"Jordan Corso - vocals/guitar/bass/keys
Bret Leinen - bass/synth
Chet 'JR' White - produced and mixed all songs; organ on Left Bank;
drums on Exempt; bass on Exempt, Gloom, Before, Convenience, percussion on all songs
Michael Medeiros - drums
Zachary Miller - guitar/bass
Raffi Garabedian - saxophone on Left Bank and Call Me Up
Danny Eisenberg - organ on Exempt and Call Me Up
Giuliano Pizzulo - organ on Should Have Known Better
Garrett Godard - drums on Holding You Back
Sophie Jane Loomis - vocals on Holding You Back

All songs recorded and mixed at East/West Studios Los Angeles Room 3,
Hyde Street Studios Room A, Larchmont Guest House, and JR's House

Album Art by Alex Lilienfeld
Mastering by Dan Collins"


Cassettes will be shipped from Metro Manila, Philippines.

Each purchase will include some sweets, a thank you note, and the brand new cassette.

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