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TJ Sicilia - 2002​-​2010 Vol. 2 (Galaxy Train)

  • TJ Sicilia - 2002​-​2010 Vol. 2 (Galaxy Train)

TJ Sicilia - 2002​-​2010 Vol. 2 (Galaxy Train)

Galaxy Train

"Check out this brand new and beautiful picture of the Japanese edition of my album
"2002-2010 Vol. 1" out now on Galaxy Train (US edition came out last year on
Danger Collective Records/Gnar Tapes). They are also releasing a brand new Vol. 2,
which I believe will be out at the same time. Both volumes will come with a fold-out
featuring short little song descriptions I wrote, as well as a sticker. All of the material
featured on both volumes was recorded between 2002-2010 when I was a lil bit
younger and was recording a blend of experimental and lo-fi bedroom pop, very
different from what I'm doing these days. Some of it was recorded straight to tape
on my old Tascam 4Track, some of it on my now deceased laptop. Vol. 2 is pretty
raw and pretty strange at times so I hope it finds an audience .. some of the tracks
were never really intended to be properly released. Ah feels weird to talk about my
own stuff so I'll stop" - TJ Sicilia

Cassettes will be shipped from Metro Manila, Philippines.

Each purchase will include some sweets, a thank you note, and the brand new cassette.

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