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Köster - MASC (Crash Symbols)

  • Köster - MASC (Crash Symbols)

Köster - MASC (Crash Symbols)

Crash Symbols

"'Callous sexual attitudes toward women / men,
The belief that violence is manly,
The experience of danger as exciting...

Three signs of hypermasculine behavior born from and usually associated with heterosexual, cis-gender men -- but which have also strongly suffused into gay culture and homoeroticism. 'MASC' is a personal view on the hypermasculine world through an LGBTQ prism, with its three main variables as a foundation.'

Köster is a Tallinn-based producer and DJ. His debut label release, 'MASC' is the soundtrack to an experimental dance performance organized in Tallinn this past spring (2017)."

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